Landstrom's Foundry Below are examples of Landstrom's custom work.
Sneak-peek of a forthcoming custom finned air cleaner for an S&S Super E. This filter uses a K&N E-3200 and is smaller than the stock S&S filter. Look for it sometime this winter as a "Featured Part" available directly through this website.
From time to time I have reproduced antique cabinet parts for furniture refinishers. The shiney ones are new ones I made from the old originals. Just a little more clean up work and they will be ready. The bill is shown for size comparison.
This is a shovelhead being built by Junkmotor in Japan using a custom brass arrowhead air horn made by Landstrom's Foundry.
The aluminum milk jug is an air cleaner that I made for my wife's Sportster that has a dairy cow theme and is mounted on her "2%er" bike.
A gentlemen from Canada contacted me about making some custom Henderson air cleaners for his Henderson shop. I provided the raw castings. He did a nice job of detailing them.
Although Hendersons will always be out of my league, I'm proud to make some parts for them.
An associate sent me the patterns for OHV Crocker heads. Here is what the
mold looks like with the finished castings.
The air horn is one I did the pattern for and is a regular part I make.
Here is a Rocket air horn I made for a customer. This one is a little smaller and styled different than the one listed under motorcycle parts.
"Rocket Air Cleaner" just completed one riding season worth of testing. Uses a K&N E-4380 air filter. Once the graphics are added and matchplate made, this part will become one of my regular parts. Backing plate has a velocity cone and support boss. Can be machined for tilted (shown) or horizontal. Look for it this spring. Your bike too, can become the terror of the highways!
Scout Magneto Opening Covers. Ribbed or original style. Once my drill-jig gets finished, I'll place these under motorcycle parts as a regular item.
Fighter Lighter. An innovative safety product which protects your Bic lighter from damage or exploding the next time you fall on your ass. Cast aluminum construction also serves as a heat sink in case of flame blowback. Non-slip contruction ensures it won't fall out of your hand. This is the original design which was designed and cast at my shop.
I open my mail in style with my Indian letter opener. Cast brass.
The most important tool a guy can have is a bottle opener.
I've made a few of these over the years. Looks good on sissy bars.
The Indians introduced tobacco to the white man. I'm not sure that was a good thing, but these ashtrays will help the situation by keeping your ashes all in one place.
This Labrador Retreiver door stop was cast from scrap bronze. Milk was poured over the casting and it was buried in the yard for a few weeks to give it the antique patina.