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I find sitting on my own barstool to be more relaxing.

I am my own collections department.

Near my home along the Red River.

Here is my '38 Indian Chief bobber with '48 engine. It is the inspiration and test bed of a lot of the parts I make. This year I'm going to put the correct wheels on it.

I've always enjoyed dirt biking. My dirt bikes are usually as beat as my street bikes.

Reid Greer's homemade "Hondian" features a totally homemade Indian Scout engine (sandcast cases of his design, heads, primary cover, etc.) in a modified Honda 450 frame. This bike still runs around California. Reid is one of my inspirations. He was making high performance Indian parts long before I was born. My Chief has his cams and lifters in it.

Another of Reid's stroker Scouts. This time a 1936 in a Junior Scout frame, homemade tanks, and Jap front end.

During the Cycle World International Motorcycle Show in Minneapolis, I spotted this 48 Chief bobber. It was at the Viking Chapter of the AMCA booth. I have always liked Indian bobbers and I snapped a photo.

I also bought a raffle ticket to win a new Norton 952. Quite frankly, it was the best bike at the whole show. I wish the new company luck. Now if I can only win it....

You've heard of the TV series The Long Way Round, here my brother and I plan our Slow Way Round trip.

I lost it when I found this photo. It's not mine but I had to share!

A Super Chief air cleaner on a bike being built by Peter Harris.

Jack Korpijaakko's Chief has some interesting features. Dell Orto Carb, left side kicker (sidecar), homemade gen. belt cover, alloy rims, et cetra.

Reid knew I used to be into go carts so he took me to his sister's shop where they manufacture Bug Carts. Here we are discussing some of the details. Photo by Rocky.

Here is a photo of my wheel-truing stand. I'm building the rear wheel for my '38 Chief bobber.

Satan Claus and I rode down to the Fergus Falls bike show. We didn't see any bikes worth mentioning but it was an excuse to take a ride.

The best thing we saw at Fergus Falls was this motorized tandem barstool.

After Fergus Falls, we got thirsty and hungry so we stopped at Zorbaz in Detroit Lakes. They didn't have burgers there, but there was this decent 45 bobber parked outside. It had a Mikuni carb and a Sportster front end. It was the best bike we saw all day.

One of my bikes in front of Betty's Bikes & Buns in Minneapolis.

We passed Noah loading up his ark on the Flood Run.

I spotted these two Nortons in Maiden Rock Wisconsin.

My brother has weird, urban dirt bikes for me to ride when I come into town.

The Warpath was not the first high performance Scout Engine. Here's a photo of a period Scout motor with homemade sandcast cases, heads, and special steel cylinders.

View of engine from the other side. Note the thicker cases necessitating the dimpled areas around the through bolts. This engine features,two breather's, one on each side, Billet cam cover, and homebrew cams.

This was my first Harley Davidson big twin. A 55 Panhead with a 79 Shovel topend and oil pump. I sold the bike in 1987 to help finance my college education. By then I was riding the tigerstriped lowrider I have now. Wish I still had it though. However, I am running the old Bates headlight from it on my 38 Chief.

My first Harley: a 72 Sportster with a 12" over SB&F springer and 45 deg. rake. This was about 1981. I ended up trading this bike for a 57 Buick. I later gave the car away when I lost my storage for it. Why didn't I just keep the bike? Or take a good photo?

While horsing around in Minot ND, I saw this 53 Chief parked outside B&J Leathers. Turns out Bob Meyers, the owner of the shop, owns this Chief along with a 33 Scout. He had some pretty good stories of his Dad going 110+ MPH on this bike back in the good old days. His shop had some pretty cool leathers too.

Greg Durgin's 60 panhead custom that he's building utilizing one of my custom teardrop air cleaners. Unfortunately K&N discontinued the filter element (E-4380) for it. Now K&N will only build make them under a special quote price. Too bad. At any rate, this is one nice custom!